I used to think that where I lived limited the opportunities life would afford me. I was one of those teenagers that proclaimed ‘as soon as I graduate, I’m outta here!’.

At the same time, I was deeply afraid inside that I couldn’t cut it in the big city. When I moved to Atlanta, I felt like EVERYBODY was gonna be doper at doing what I wanted to do than I could ever be. Coming up in a small midwestern city can do that to you. But boy, I realized that while there are some dope people in ‘the big city’, there is also wackjuice on every corner.

It took a lot of years and a lot of experiences to un-learn the deeply flawed perspective that I wasn’t good enough to play at certain levels. And since we’re being honest, in a lot of ways I still deal with it. But what I’ve learned is this truth: nobody has what I have. Nobody brings what I bring. My job is to come to terms with and find the glory in MY story. Hopefully that confidence then inspires others to embrace their own stories. It doesn’t serve us when we wish we could switch our real life stories with someone who has a better highlight reel on IG.

Anyway, I’m still learning the value of what I bring. And the more I uncover, the more I’m amazed that God put so much there.