Some of you are about to piss away 30 days looking for a clean start on January 1. I’m here to stop you.

Successful endings very often begin with ugly, unfunded, and even tragic circumstances. Great businesses are often started between 11pm and 2am. This is after your day job, the kids are put to bed, and your mate is off to sleep. Weight loss is sparked by health scares that finally slap you into taking your body, the only one you’ve got, seriously.

I can remember a few basketball games I’ve watched in my life where a team loses not because they didn’t have a chance to win, but because the person with the ball didn’t realize that THE CLOCK IS TICKING.

You’ve run out of time. Game over.

There is only 1 reason why you’re not winning: YOU have not looked around you and noticed that THE CLOCK IS TICKING. The people you grew up with are greying. Your friends from high school have families now. Tick tock.

Here’s how I know you haven’t yet realized that THE CLOCK IS TICKING:

– You’re waiting for January 1 to make a clean start
– You don’t break any rules
– You follow dumb rules
– You have no sense of urgency
– You’re waiting for permission from __________
– Your waiting on your kids to grow up
– You’re waiting until after you lose 10lbs.
– You’re waiting for great weather.
– You’re waiting for a ride.
– You’re waiting for a raise.
– You’re waiting until you find a job.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

There is no time. There just isn’t. You must begin now. You’re getting much too old for this.