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Hard Work

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I don’t go out much. I don’t spend a lot of time with my friends. I only have a handful of close friends anyway. Most of them are related to me somehow. You get older. Your circle of friends gets smaller. Watch out if it gets bigger. They’re probably not all friends. You will have many friendly’s. Friendly’s are fine. They’re not friends though. Friends are people you’re exposed to. Make sure you know the difference.

I work a lot. Many of those times I’d rather be at home alone with my wife. My kids want to be there too for some unknown reason. I haven’t quite yet figured out their intentions. Maybe they’ve conspired in secret to drive us mad. The baby must be the mastermind. No one would suspect her.

I do work a lot though. My wife wants things. I want to give her things. I want her life to be better. My kids want things. My kids need things. I want to be able to give them what they need. So, I go to work. A lot.

Sacrifice. That is how success is won. There is one thing that determines success. Discipline.

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