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Why are you alive?

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I’m fairly certain that you’ll experience more bumps in life than others until you figure out why you’re alive. Well, that’s not entirely true… better said, you’ll experience a different category of bumps until you figure out why you’re alive.

I went to Cedar Point a few years ago with some family, and remembering that I got terribly sick the previous time at the amusement park having jumped from 70mph slingshots to yet other zero to 120 MPH in 4 second insanities, I stuck with the bumper cars this time around. (Looking back on it, that was the old man move… I’m back on that Dragster next time, just watch). There’s an interesting parallel bumper cars have to life that if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice. Take a journey with me for a sec.

You’re in a bumper car. There’s no specific destination — you see a nearby car, you bump it, obviously. But, there’s always a nearby car. So, you keep rotating, bumping more cars. When the horn blows and times up, you’re somewhere. No intended place, just somewhere. It’s likely that at no point you had even the thought to audit where you actually were in the rink as you were too busy chasing nearby cars looking for the next bump, and the next bump.

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