I could not be more proud, excited, and humbled to share that OF10podcast, which is a labor of love for me, is partnering with Afrotech to distribute the podcast content in written form on Afrotech.com. Today, Afrotech launched their new site and two interviews are now live on the site. Check out the interview with Jason Mayden and Marlon Nichols now!

Last year, I attended the Afrotech conference, the most lit conference on planet earth, and nothing has since been the same.

From the 2,000 Black people who converged on Silicon Valley to chop it up about the world-changing technology we’re creating (a subject where we’re too frequently ignored, and in a city where we’re often overlooked and the median black household income is a paltry $29,500), the 48 hour display of constant Black excellence here, here, or here, or the Ethiopian and Creole food trucks, we knew we were glorious – but to see it, breathe it, and be it among peers is nothing short of a gift.

I vlogged about it, and I think it’s worth a few minutes of your time to see it for yourself:

Afrotech | Day 0

Afrotech | Day 1

Afrotech | Day 2

Thank you to Everette Taylor and Morgan Debaun for the oop!

(Alley-oop. Because sometimes people don’t know what I mean when I say that.)