Looking back at 2023, the word that encapsulates my experience was faith. So much of what happened in my favor wasn’t things I planned or strategized to achieve, they were opportunities that found me. So often I get concerned with the how of a thing, when I need to remember that the how isn’t my responsibility. My job is the what. When I stand confidently in what I want and stay focused on that, the how reveals itself.

I started writing this post yesterday, Saturday, December 31, 2022 at about 4pm. I’m sitting down to finish it on New Years Day, at 6:30pm, listening to Dupe by Asake. It’s one of my favorite songs at present, and the message in it resonated with me before I even knew what the words meant.

Oremi, dupe yo kan rę oh
Jowo, dupe yo kan rę oh
Ayemi, jeje mo n lo se oh, oh oh oh
Dupe yo kan rę oh
Shout halle-, ’cause you no get today no mean e too far

These words translate into the concept of patience, trust, and confidence in your journey. To be in a state of gratitude and thanks – while not rushing the process. It admonishes us not to worry about if our desires will come true, but instead to trust that everything we want isn’t too far away. It’s no surprise that the song spoke to my spirit before I could understand the lyrics.

I haven’t published an annual goal list since 2021, so I’m going to skip ahead to my 2022 notable moments.

Let’s take a look at some of my 2022 accomplishments and other highlights:


Moderated the inauguration ceremony of Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz


Hosted AfroTech Executive in Miami


Hosted AfroTech Executive in Brooklyn

Won 2 Addy Awards (Silver and Judge’s Choice) for our documentary Zip Code Matters, which I executive produced

Celebrated the grand opening of The LaFountaine Parlour at TolHouse


Closed on our 3rd piece of waterfront real estate

DJ’d for the first time in like 7 years. Rocked out and felt like I was where I belonged. Felt good!


Hosted AfroTech Executive in DC


Spoke for the National Urban League in DC


Saw Hamilton live

Served as a mentor for Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator – some of my mentees are shown here during our meetup at the Amazon Accelerate Conference at Amazon HQ in Seattle

Hosted another successful and sold out TEDxToledo event. 

Hosted AfroTech Executive in Los Angeles


Won the Contributor Award from the Press Club of Toledo


Was featured on a panel and hosted a live podcast recording for Nissan’s Thrill of Possibility Summit for Black Effect Podcast Network

The panel I was part of during the Nissan’s Thrill of Possibility Summit for Black Effect Podcast Network – includes Cari Champion, Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God

With my Black Effect Podcast Network family, Dolly, Charlamagne tha God, Troy and Rashad from Earn Your Leisure at the Nissan’s Thrill of Possibility Summit

On my hosting job at AfroTech Conference in Austin, TX

Interviewing super-producer Zaytoven at AfroTech Conference in Austin, TX

On my hosting job at AfroTech Conference in Austin, TX

Hosted the AfroTech Conference in Austin, TX

Celebrated the 1 year anniversary of TolHouse

For 2021, here’s where my focus will be:

  1. Continue my daily workouts
  2. If it doesn’t align to my 20 year plan, say no
  3. Get back on my daily meditation regiment
  4. Drink more water – work my way up to have my weight in ounces
  5. Enjoy more meaningful and intentional times with the people I care most about
  6. Hit the beach with my family, be present, and enjoy it
  7. Deliver more incredible content at AfroTech, Black Tech Green Money
  8. Invest more in my personal brand
  9. Open Milk, an elevated market and deli, which is our latest venture
  10. Complete all major construction at TolHouse

I kind of also want to DJ more often. Maybe I will!

Note: I copy/pasted the conclusion below from my posts from the last few years. It’s still applicable, so why rewrite it?

There are other goals that include those in the financial, spiritual, and relationship spaces that I decided to keep to myself. This list encompasses about 70% of my all of my goals overall themes, so I’m a work in progress. I also have more detail in my personal journal regarding each in the list above and the ones I kept to myself. I always aim to keep my goals measurable and specific.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, or ideas on how I can accomplish these – or things I should consider adding. Please let me know!