To start my annual lookback, I went through my personal photo albums from the year and am stunned by how different this year was, pre-about-March 13th. We were quite literally in a different world back then. So much has changed. I have all these images of us unmasked, in groups, at concerts, traveling, and enjoying the company of strangers. There are people in my photos that aren’t with us anymore, and others in my photos that I’m much closer to. Friends mean a lot more, and family means everything. Friends became family too.

I think my word for this year, looking back at it, is thankful. I understand that we all can’t wait until the clock strikes 12 tonight, 2020 was dreadful in so many ways- no argument from me there. I really want to look back at my year, though, and remind myself that God’s still good.

I started writing this post today, Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 5:05pm. Last year, I wrote this line: “I think this to myself almost every year, and it’s usually true, but I really feel like 2019 set me up for more success in 2020. For all the victories I can claim, I still feel like I’m not even scratching the surface. My game face is on.” For 2020, I’m thankful that I saw the wins I did see regardless of the circumstances and pain the year held, but my game face is currently staring down 2021 like a tiger with a buffalo in its sights. There’s so much I’m looking forward to.

Before we look at what I had intended to accomplish in 2020, its safe to say a lot of this went out the window very quickly because, well you know, all our plans went out the window. Regardless, let’s see how I measured up. As always, I’ve graded my performance next to each goal.

  • Regular workout regimen. 4 days per week minimum. // A+. I’ve worked out every single day for the past year.
  • If it doesn’t align to my 20 year plan, say no. // A+. I’m about that ‘can’t do it, fam‘ life.
  • Daily meditation.  // D. As much as I needed daily meditation this year, for whatever reason, I didn’t perform this act of self care like I should’ve. There were days, looking back, that I would’ve been much less stressed out had I started them with a 10-minute session.
  • Drinking water. // C. Honest effort, still a long way to go.
  • Launch the BIG project I referenced above. // Hold. COVID put this in a coma.
  • Increasing my content output via OF10podcast and my YouTube channel. // B. Content creation is way up, just not on the channels I imagined. Our work at AfroTech and Black Tech Green Money is 🔥🔥🔥 though, so I win.
  • Invest more in my teams. // B. Team is growing.

Let’s take a look at some of my 2020 accomplishments and other highlights:

For the first time ever, I submitted content we produced at Creadio for award consideration. We won a Silver Addy for Where We Gather, a show we produced for 419TOL.

Silver Addy


Started investing in art

Yusuf Lateef + Dirtykicks


Built a shed by hand.



Expanded our home garden.


Launched Black Tech Green Money podcast.

Black Tech Green Money


Hosted AfroTech World from my basement

AfroTech World

Bought my first piece of commercial real estate.


For 2021, here’s where my focus will be:

  1. Continue my daily workouts
  2. If it doesn’t align to my 20 year plan, say no.
  3. Daily meditation.
  4. Drinking water.
  5. Deliver more incredible content at AfroTech and Black Tech Green Money.
  6. Invest more in my teams.

Note: I copy/pasted the conclusion below from my posts from the last two years. It’s still applicable, so why rewrite it?

There are other goals that include those in the financial, spiritual, and relationship spaces that I decided to keep to myself. This list encompasses about 70% of my all of my goals overall themes, so I’m a work in progress. I also have more detail in my personal journal regarding each in the list above and the ones I kept to myself. I always aim to keep my goals measurable and specific.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, or ideas on how I can accomplish these – or things I should consider adding. Please let me know!