It’s that time again to take a breath and reflect on the past year. As I write this, we’re about 40 hours away from welcoming in a new year.

I won’t do any real math here to calculate my achievement success rate for my 2017 goals vs. what I set out to do, so instead, I’ll give myself a letter grade. I’m happy with what I did this year, but there is so much more untapped potential. I should be going much harder. I should be more even more focused. I should give more. I don’t believe anyone should be the same person at the end of December that they were at the start of January. There’s too much to learn in a span of 7 days – much more to learn in 365. If you haven’t used those lessons for growth, you’re wasting your years. Change doesn’t just mean you can spot a few more grays, it also means that you, at least should, evolve. Your business should evolve. Your skills should evolve. Your marriage should evolve. Your faith should evolve. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying. And to pretend there is a constant state, stasis, is a fools errand.

For my 2017, I think a fair grade is B-.

This post is still in draft mode, so I welcome any feedback you have on what to add or subtract, or tips on how I can accomplish my goals! Share your ideas in the comments!

Here was my post from this time last year.

First, here are the goals I set for myself at the start of 2017:

  1. Be Great. Grade: Meh… subjective. 
  2. Get serious about what I eat. Grade: C
  3. Take more and better notes with pen and paper. Grade: Fail
  4. Grow my staff (I probably need to add 3 people) Grade: A-. Welcome to the new members of the squad!
  5. Commit to my weekly newsletter (LinkGrade: See #12. I think that’s a better use of my time.
  6. Travel with Angela Grade: C. We had some great times, but didn’t do enough.
  7. Write an ebook Grade: Not a pass, not a fail. Not sure this is the right goal for me at this stage.
  8. Drink my breakfast daily. (Here was my supplement of choice. I’m onto something new, and much better for my body.) Grade: C+
  9. Double my water intake Grade: C
  10. Read a book a month Grade: If listen to a book a month qualifies, I win. Thanks Audible!
  11. Continue podcasting Grade: A-
  12. Add another content channel to my repertoire. Possibly video… maybe just double-down on blogging. Grade: B. Subscribe on Facebook or Youtube!

Here’s a taste of some other things I accomplished in 2017:

  • Was reappointed to another 4 year term on the Ohio Casino Control Commission (Link)
  • Completed Season 4 of the oft10podcast (Link)
  • Was reappointed as Chair of the Ohio Martin Luther King Jr. Commission
  • Re-hired a personal trainer who comes to the crib. Major key.
  • Experienced AfroTech. Mandatory conference on my schedule from now on.
  • Was named Co-Chair of the mayoral transition team for our incoming mayor, Wade Kapszukiewicz.

2018 Goals (Draft)

  • Upgrade myself.
    • Better food
    • More water
    • Regular massages, manicures, pedicures, facials (Real G’s do this too, don’t trip)
    • Meditate
  • More travel with Angela
  • Read a book a month/Listen with Audible and TLCPL Overdrive

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, or ideas on how I can accomplish these – or things I should consider adding. Please let me know!