I kicked off 2015 with some ambitious goals like “Workout 300 times”. I failed at that, but I did succeed in working out waaaaay more than I would’ve otherwise. So, win.

I’m still not great at budgeting for the home, but I at least track our finances and know where the $$ is going. I use Mint, so I can tell you interesting facts like I spent exactly $200 on Health & Fitness related purchases in the 2nd week of December.

I make these lists not as resolutions. I don’t put attempts to better myself until the first of the year. These are goals that I’d like to hit. I believe writing them down is the best way to make them real and hold yourself accountable.

Other 2015 accomplishments include

  1. Launching of10podcast. I’m now in #SZN3 (season 3) of the show — which I might add was never intended to go past season 1. People really appreciated what I was trying to do with highlighting incredible tech personalities I thought more people should know, and listeners demanded more. I’m, as of today, 23 episodes in. (3 seasons of 10 episodes/per, and I’m 3 episodes into 3rd season).
  2. Classana Launch. We launched Classana a couple months ago. It was late per my goal of January, but we did it! In fact, we pushed a majorupdate yesterday. Check out this post to read more on that.
  3. Working out 300x. OK, so I didn’t workout 300 times. It was probably more like 100. Maybe 70. Anyway, I kicked off the year working out alone in my garage where I have a pretty cool setup. Then in the Summer, I got a trainer. I highly suggest getting a trainer so you don’t waste a lot of time trying to get the results you’re looking for.
  4. Budget. Read opening paragraphs. Also check out Mint. It’s free for the basic account, which is probably all you need.
  5. Graduate with Bachelors degree. Click here.
  6. Cutout late night snacks & soda. Replace with Tea. I actually did really well on this.
  7. Read 30 books. I failed. Will try again.
  8. Blog 3x per month. I blogged a lot more, but not this much. B-
  9. Drink breakfast daily. Failed. D.
  10. Make more music. Wasn’t a priority. One day it might be again.

2016 Goals

  1. Achieve internal Classana goals & milestones. Sorry, can’t go into much detail here.
  2. Read a book a month.
  3. Continue podcasting. I have some audience reach goals I’ll be working to hit.
  4. Track my food intake with myfitnesspal. I’m already a week in. It’s already working because I’ll skip certain foods just because I don’t want to have it on record.
  5. Complete a class on Treehouse.

Since my head is deep in building Classana, I’m going to keep my list short this year.

What are you set to work on for 2016?