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Episode: Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton was featured on CNN’s Black in America in 2011 as co-founder of a high profile minority-focused accelerator in Silicon Valley and he’s been on a rocket ever since. Founder at BUILDUP.vc, Wayne is insightful on the landscape of San Francisco for startup founders on non-traditional paths. Keep Reading

Episode: Erin Teague

From The Root: Named among the 100 “Coolest People in Tech” by Business Insider in 2014, Erin Teague has steadily been impacting the digital space. Teague has made a name for herself at several tech companies, including the mobile-only social network Path—which she helped grow to 1 million new users a week last spring. Teague… Keep Reading

Episode: Charles Hudson

On this episode, I chat with the phenomenal Charles Hudson of SoftTech VC on part 1. At SoftTech, Charles is a partner and focuses on identifying investment opportunities in mobile infrastructure, mobile applications, and marketplaces. We discuss venture capital, the perfect pitch, music, and Charles drops knowledge bombs one after another. Keep Reading

Episode: Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon is very smart, and he knows startups and pitching like the back of his hand. He’s a VC at Kapor Capital, a venture firm focused on startups making a significant social impact. In his role, he’s on the hunt for the next big thing. We talk about how to pitch effectively to get… Keep Reading

Episode: Justin Washington

In this chat with Snapchat QA Engineer Justin Washington, we discuss his journey to the ultra-popular and high-growth startup Snapchat, how he became a believer in the product, and working with Steve Jobs. We also talk about growing up in the midwest (he’s from Detroit), ambitions in the music business, and both of our impeccable… Keep Reading

Episode: Hadiyah Muhjid

“There are a lot of things that entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs can do to help validate their idea using tools that are out there and just talking to potential customers – before they build something.” HM Hadiyah is a full stack software engineer. She’s co-founder at Playpen Labs and Black Founders, and earned her technical… Keep Reading

Episode: Michael Seibel

“Investors are paid everyday to wake up and find good investments, to find that growth. If you’re doing a good job, and you’re delivering growth, and you’re talking about it, investors by their definition need to go find you. That’s when you have leverage. When investors are trying to talk to you, you have leverage.… Keep Reading

Episode: Makinde Adeagbo

“Sometimes, maybe occasionally you’ll know what you’re doing, but usually you just have to figure it out. In startups, you have to keep learning.” MA Makinde displays his thoughtfulness and smarts in the fun chat. He’s such a smart guy and we could’ve talked for another hour. Makinde’s the engineering manager at Pinterest, which is… Keep Reading

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