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Make the Call

How many numbers do you have blocked and only get a No Longer in Service tone when they attempt to reach you? How often do you let the sun rise and set again on conversations that you know will be challenging to have? Here’s a quote that changed my perspective on the topic of difficult… Keep Reading

Power corrupts

Corruption has several meanings. We assume when we hear people say that ‘power corrupts’ they mean people have become ill-intentioned or greedy because of the power they’ve amassed. Most often that is exactly what they mean. But power can do much more than that. Power can mess with your operating system. It can distort your… Keep Reading

Hard Work

I don’t go out much. I don’t spend a lot of time with my friends. I only have a handful of close friends anyway. Most of them are related to me somehow. You get older. Your circle of friends gets smaller. Watch out if it gets bigger. They’re probably not all friends. You will have… Keep Reading

You have control over little

Seriously, it was 76 degrees. The sky was blue. The wind was light. I just left Expresso off Reynolds and Brownstone Avenue. I wanted to go to Russ’s car wash. They were closer. I have all-wheel drive though. Russ’s conveyor doesn’t work with all-wheel drive. So I went to Expresso. I don’t know why I… Keep Reading

Changing your public image

You can be anything you want to be the second you put action toward it. If you’re an artist, you’re an artist whether you’re good at it or even if you just decided to become one this morning. Who are the referees? When you decide to become an engineer and start taking steps to learn… Keep Reading

Because somebody must tell you

I don’t know everything, but I know this much: Until you’ve decided to go all-in on your dream and have taken bridge-burning steps towards achieving them, you will never achieve them. This theme is echoed in many areas of our lives. In traditional wedding vows you’ll hear the lines... Keep Reading

Why are you alive?

I’m fairly certain that you’ll experience more bumps in life than others until you figure out why you’re alive. Well, that’s not entirely true… better said, you’ll experience a different category of bumps until you figure out why you’re alive. I went to Cedar Point a few years ago with some family, and remembering that… Keep Reading

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