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Episode: Frederick Hutson

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Frederick Hutson is the CEO of Pigeonly, a technology company that builds solutions driven products for those who need it most, underserved communities.

A born entrepreneur, he launched and sold his first business at the age of 19. His desire to attain the American dream on his terms took him down the wrong path and at 23, he was indicted for distributing over 3,000 kg of marijuana. It was during this four year federal prison sentence a new idea surfaced, one that would give him an opportunity to impact the lives of people no one else was paying attention to – inmates, Pigeonly was born.

Pigeonly’s most popular products provide solutions for people who have a loved one in prison – A easy way to send printed photos from your phone and a low-cost option to expensive phone calls. Though still young, they’ve shipped over 1 million photos and processed over 8 million phone minutes since Pigeonly launched.

Hutson leads a growing team of over 20 people from their Las Vegas headquarters and has raised nearly $5MM in funding from investors including Erik Moore (Base VC) and Mitch Kapor (Lotus).

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